2020 Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale

2020 has been quite a ride for all of us, and we here at HamStudy/SignalStuff have had quite an interesting time as well. Though it’s come with a lot of hard times for a lot of people, a lot of good things have come this year.

For Black Friday this year we’re offering 25% off the regular price ($3.99 $2.99) for our app on both the Google and Apple app stores! This sale will start on Friday, November 27 2020 and run through Monday, November 30 2020.

Edit: We had some issues with setting up the sale on the Google Play store; it will still be happening, but will run from Nov 29, 2020 through Dec 2, 2020 and be $2.75. The Apple app store will still run according to the original plan.

Signal Stuff Black Friday Sale

Do you know how HamStudy is supported and funded? Though Icom’s sponsorship is valuable and appreciated, it mainly just helps defray most of (not all of) our hosting costs — HamStudy and ExamTools (which is used for administering exams by nearly all teams doing remote exams and many who do in-person exams) are supported by a lot of volunteers, but are done primarily by Richard Bateman, KD7BBC — and this year it has moved from being a side project to taking enough time to be a part-time job. The money which makes that possible — as well as many other projects we support — comes from Signal Stuff and sales of the antennas there. While we don’t want anyone buying things they don’t need, please keep them in mind for your next HT antenna, vehicle antenna, or portable base station antenna =] They (we) also have some excellent adapters with quality that is hard to beat for the price.

SignalStuff is running a Black Friday sale with 20% off of adapters, Signal Sticks, and Signal Stalks (NMO mount), 10% off of the OSJ. Read more here and spread the word!

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