New mobile apps are here!

It’s been a long road, but after almost two and a half long years of work, the next generation of is finally here! That’s right, we just released the new mobile apps that so many people have been asking for — and they don’t require an internet connection!

Now, first the bad news: some of you will be disappointed to hear that these apps are not free.  They are, in fact, $3.99.  That’s a one-time cost — it’s not a subscription, you don’t have to pay that for each question pool, and yes you can let your whole family use it if you all share a mobile store account, but it does have a cost.

Taking it down to brass tacks

Let’s put it simply: If you want to study without being connected to the internet then you will need to buy the $3.99 mobile app.  If you *don’t* need that, and you don’t want to buy the mobile app, then you will always be able to use for free — and yes, it works just fine in your mobile web browser.

One more time: The mobile app costs, but using the mobile website (still on mobile, but with an internet connection!) will always be free.

Why the change?

This was a hard decision, but it comes down to needing to justify spending the time on this project that it deserves — we all have wives and children who put up with our little crusade.  At the same time, both and our parent company Signal Stuff were founded on the obsession goal of changing and improving the way that people in the US study for and take amateur radio license exams; we don’t accomplish that by gouging all of our customers.

Thus, a compromise was born; what we have always offered for free we will continue to offer for free! The only thing you have to pay for is if you want to use it offline — and believe us, that was a lot more work than you might think =]

The best part for all of us (users and developers) is that more funding for the project means more flexibility in what we can do! We have a ton of exciting ideas and this will make it possible for us to get them in.  Look for exciting things coming up!

Get the apps

For now we have iOS and Android apps; eventually we will be releasing desktop versions as well, but we might have to catch up on some chores around home first.  We will also be updating the website with all of the features (for free!) that we have in the apps. You can always find the latest versions at

Get it on Google Play

Get it on the App Store


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