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(for US exam sessions only!)

We’ve long had the capability, but we haven’t made a big deal about it: Did you know that you can list your ham radio license exam session on

Find the list here:

You can search by zip code or “find near me”. With more VE teams asking us about it recently, I thought I’d answer a few questions here.

How do I get access?

If you want to list your exam session, first you need a login — register for an account and make sure that the call sign on your user account is the one you want your exam session listed under.

Then, once you have a username, submit a request on our ExamTools support portal. Make sure you provide your username, we’ll try to get you access within 24 hours.

Edit: Please do not send us a list of sessions to add; we don’t have time to maintain the list ourselves. Instead, follow the instructions above and we’ll give you access so you can keep your schedule up to date yourself!

What do I do then?

Simply put, you log into, go to the “sessions” tab, and add your session! Once you have the first one entered you can duplicate it for the next ones to save yourself time; make sure that the address autocompletes correctly and displays the map.

Since it’s easier to show than to explain, I made a short youtube video explaining the process:

Where is this going?

Keeping track of exam schedules is a difficult thing, and it’s a problem that has been solved on a local level over and over again; we are hoping to provide an online database that can replace all of those. To that end, this is not intended to be only usable on our website. Assuming there is interest, we intend to create both AJAX endpoints and embeddable widgets that you can use to query for upcoming exam sessions in your area and embed it into your existing website.

What pays for all of this?

For those who don’t know, is owned and funded by Signal Stuff. We would also be remiss if we did not acknowledge the support and sponsorship of Icom America.

Specifically, most of our funding comes from the sales of the Signal Stuff Super-Elastic Signal Sticks (believe it or not). If you like what we’re doing, consider trying one out the next time you need a good whip antenna for your handheld transceiver!

We hope to hear from you!

The more of you list your exam sessions on the more helpful and successful this will be!

Tell us what you think in the comments!

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