2014 Technician Pool live on HamStudy.org

We’ve had the new pool technically up on the site for months, but since we didn’t have a link to it most of you couldn’t find it.  Well, we didn’t want to put it up until we had all the explanations from the old pool linked to the new and could see exactly what had changed.  That is done, and it’s now live!

The changes

As usual, most of the changes to the pool are just minor edits.  Here are some stats on the new pool:

  • 47 questions have been removed
  • 79 new questions have been added
  • 29 questions have had significant (more than a couple of words) updates
  • There are 32 more questions than in the previous pool for a total of 426 questions (the old pool had 394)
  • 4 of the questions with figures in them have been removed, eliminating 3 of the 6 figures from the previous pool

For more details, check out the complete graphical diff!

What still needs to be done

As with any change, there are things that need to be done.  If you notice above, there are 79 new questions in this pool — that means those are questions we don’t have explanations for yet! If you find any of these, please fill them in — we’ll be posting a link to help you find them sometime soon, but first priority was making sure you can all still study!

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