Why should I use HamStudy’s Study Mode and not just take practice exams?

We get this question a lot. People often wonder why they can’t just take practice exams to learn the material. In theory, you can do this, but let’s take a look at the numbers! We ran 10,000 simulations of randomly-generated practice exams for each exam’s question pool, and then calculated the number of practice exams one would need to take to see every single question at least once. Note that is just to see every question, this doesn’t mean you’ve actually learned it. Here’s what we found:

For the 2022 Technician Question Pool:

  • Mean: 76.1073 exams
  • Median: 71 exams
  • Mode: 68 exams
  • Max: 184 exams
  • Min: 44 exams

For the 2019 General Question Pool:

  • Mean: 91.5207 exams
  • Median: 77 exams
  • Mode: 82 exams
  • Max: 246 exams
  • Min: 53 exam

For the 2020 Extra Question Pool:

  • Mean: 90.2247 exams
  • Median: 78 exams
  • Mode: 84 exams
  • Max: 210 exams
  • Min: 52 exams

As you can see, you’d need to take between 44 and 246 practice exams just to see each question at least once! Using a study method like the one we’ve designed in HamStudy’s Study Mode is a great way to get exposed to all the questions and get refreshed on questions you need to study more. Check out the HamStudy FAQ for more fun details on how the Flash Card method works and how your aptitude score is calculated: https://blog.hamstudy.org/faq/

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