Black Friday sale on the app and Signal Sticks!

From Black Friday, Nov 23 through Cyber Monday, Nov 27, 2018 will be holding its first official sale! (That’s largely because previously we haven’t had anything to sell, but let’s not talk about that!)

Along with some major updates to the app — including google and facebook login support, study sessions (which let you “start over” without losing all your data), a new “dark mode” for night-time studying, and configurable font size — we will be selling the mobile app for 50% off! That’s $1.99 — guaranteed you won’t find a better deal for ham radio study materials on the net than that.

Get it on the Mac App Store Get it on the App Store Get it on Google Play

In addition, our sponsor Signal Stuff will be holding its annual sale (on the same days) with 25% off of all Super-Elastic Signal Stick antennas! All antenna sales support development and advertising of Order one here.

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