HamStudy Fundraiser – SuperElastic Signal Sticks

Greetings all!

Short version:

HamStudy.org takes money to develop and run. Buy an awesomely lightweight and unbelievably durable (not to mention flexible) Signal Stuff SuperElastic Signal Stick and support yourselves and us!  Signal Sticks are dual band 2m/70cm antennas for handheld transceivers which come with a lifetime guarantee and can be coiled up and stuck in your pocket.

From now until June 8, 2016 use the coupon code “2016fund” for 10% off and free shipping! (and did we mention the coupon applies to HamStudy.org t-shirts too?)

Click here for the deal

Long version:

We are working on a new version of HamStudy.org with some significant improvements to all study modes. In addition, we plan to make this new version available as an offline-enabled mobile app (probably for $3.99) on at least the Android and Apple app stores, possibly others.

Don’t worry! The website will always be free, and just like now it will always work great on mobile devices! The offline app will be for people who need it when not connected to the internet.

Anyway, a little known fact is that HamStudy.org is primarily funded from two sources: 1) Icom America has granted us kind sponsorship for many years now, and 2) Signal Stuff, our parent company, pays for all other costs.

Fact is, what with kids being born and real life, we haven’t had enough time to do everything the site needs, so we’re trying something new: we’re going to hire out some of the busywork so we can focus on the things we care most about: making study tools that work.

To this end, we are running a fund raiser through our parent company, Signal Stuff. All Signal Stuff SuperElastic Signal Stick Sales (SSSESSS for short) go directly towards funding HamStudy.org development.  This is actually always true, but for this week we are doing an extra push.

The deal: From now until June 8, 2016 you can use the coupon code “2016fund” to get 10% off and free shipping on your entire order (which can include HamStudy.org t-shirts).

Click the image above to go to the site and check out the antennas!

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