2015 General question pool released!

The question pool committee has released the new General class license question pool, and it is now available on HamStudy.org!

Important! This pool will not take effect until July 1, 2015! If you are testing before then, study the previous pool.

What has changed:

  • Removed questions: 37
  • New questions: 44
  • Updated questions: 52
  • Previous Total questions: 456
  • Total questions: 464

As you can see from the stats about, the pool size is pretty close to the same (9 questions larger).  There are some new questions dealing with some of the newer digital modes and a lot of revisions.  Notably, section G6C has been removed and G8C was added.  All but one of the questions from G6C were moved into other parts of the pool.  A lot of other more subtle moves have taken place with questions retained but moved into a different part of the organization.

Visit HamStudy to see all of the changes.

Help needed

Any time we have a question pool there are new questions added; this means there are now questions that we don’t have explanations for on HamStudy.org!

The reason we do this detailed analysis of the question pool changes is to make sure we can move forward all of the explanations from the old questions to the new — otherwise we’d have a major task on our hands.  Nonetheless, we still have 44 new questions which need explanations to be added by HamStudy.org users.

See HamStudy’s General 2015 page for the progress bar (for the whole page) and a list of questions that haven’t been explained yet.

Screenshot 2015-01-17 16.22.54

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