User Data

We occasionally get requests to delete user data from people, so here are the instructions on how you can do so yourself!

  • Log into
  • Go to your profile (top right, click your username, click “profile”)
  • Click “Delete Account” and answer the verification prompt.

Note that any deleted user data may still exist in our backups for up to 18 months.

What are the risks of not deleting your data?

In the extremely unlikely circumstance that someone hacked our servers it’s possible that they could get your email address, whatever name you provided, and your call sign. Plus, we do have your entire study history, which of course could be super embarrassing if someone hacked our servers and found out that it took you seven tries to correctly answer T1A02.

Are there any accounts that cannot be deleted this way?

Volunteer Examiners who use ExamTools cannot delete their verified account without contacting us directly. This is because there are records that we need to keep due to requirements of the VECs and the FCC. See the ExamTools Privacy Policy for more information.

What will you do with my data if I don’t delete it?

We might sometimes use user study history to verify the effectiveness and correct operations of our various algorithms. We *never* sell customer information of any kind and we do not send out marketing emails. So… it just sits there and probably eventually gets deleted as fully inactive.