HamStudy Data Deletion policy

If you would like your data deleted you can submit a request via email to support@hamstudy.org.

Please note:

  • All data may remain in our backups for up to 18 months
  • The only personally identifiable data we even store is your name and email address
  • Any updates you may have made to question explanations will not be deleted.
  • Any personal information tied to ExamTools sessions (HamStudy and ExamTools share a database) may be unavailable for deletion due to requirements for recording exam session history per the ExamTools Privacy Policy.

We periodically share fully anonymized study statistics with interested parties, including authors of study materials and members of the NCVEC Question Pool Committee (the people who write the question pools). If you would let us keep your study history — stripped of any ability to link it back to a specific person — we would appreciate it!